Raising Issues of Human Health and Survival


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We dedicate this site, Sharkeen- Burning Issues to all people who commit themselves to setting things right in their lives and those of the people around them. These are people who believe perfection is a possibility and a reality that they can realize in their lifetime. Yet, they are not blind to the fact that perfection is a dynamic, elusive phenomenon mostly happening in an imaginable future.

These are the revolutionaries who cannot accept things as they are, who have the guts to question the status quo AND think-up better ways of doing things. They are not put-off or terrified by thinking different, acting different, and being different.

The topics we will cover in the life of this blog are unlimited but revolving around burning issues, issues that offer opportunities for better changes in societies around the world. We can think of health issues, environmental issues. or the economic matters in third world countries. These are issues affecting human quality of life. These are the BURNING ISSUES.

Our mission is to ignite engagement in these issues by providing and distributing information that can influence the best possible quality of life for people the world over.