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Foods to Help You Lose Weight Naturally

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There are two main categories of foods that can help you lose weight naturally. These are the foods that will make you feel full for longer, without hoarding on the calories. These foods are fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are both rich in fiber, a nutrient that takes longer to digest. Fiber is also good for maintaining or cultivating good gut flora, micro-organisms that stay in the intestines.

The following foods will help you lose weight naturally:

Foods to Help Lose Weight Naturally

Brown Rice

Brown rice is very rich in fiber, protein, less saturated fats and cholesterol. It stays in the stomach longer and will make you not feel hungry. Besides, brown rice contains resistant starch that promotes weight loss by boosting your metabolism and burning fat faster. This is one of the foods to consider when trying to lose weight naturally.


Like brown rice, the avocado is rich in fiber, proteins, and fats that are helpful in reducing excess body fat. Moreover, it contains oleic acid that produces monounsaturated fats well known for fighting hunger. You can melt away lots of unwanted body fat by consuming this fruit often in your meals.

Green Tea

Researchers think that the important phytochemicals in green tea known as catechins can trigger weight loss by causing the body to flash calories and moderately decrease body fat. Besides, green tea contains antioxidants that lower body fat and calories. So form a habit of indulging in either a little tall iced green tea or a hot cup of green tea twice or thrice a day.

Broth For Weight Loss

Bone broth is a food that has been enjoyed for centuries by generations. It is prepared by simmering bones from either beef, chicken, fish, or turkey in a crock pot for hours or even days. A little of apple cider vinegar is added to leach out vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from the bones. Broth can help reduce hunger before meals and increase your feeling of fullness. Besides, some of the nutrients and vitamins in broth promote weight loss.


Water is your body’s fuel, and you must be taking it throughout the day. It lacks calories, and you can get it every day by drinking unsweetened tea, mineral water, regular water with lemon just to mention a few. Apart from helping to detoxify your body, water can also make you feel full. When hunger pangs strike, always remember to drink a glass of water before grabbing that snack.

Whole Grain Cereal

In general, whole grains help in boosting fiber as well as the nutritional value of your food. Having a bowl of fiber-rich whole grain cereal is among the easiest ways to add a whole grain boost to your diet.

Low-Calorie Green Salads

Having a low-calorie salad – that without high-fat dressings, cheese and croutons- as a first course will make you feel full, thus controlling how you eat with your main course. Choose your ingredients wisely- which means they must have a high fiber content- to help you fight cravings during the day.


Beans have protein and fiber that will help you feel fuller for longer hours. In plain language, this means that they may work wonders to curb your appetite between meals.


Adding dairy products to your healthy diet plan may promote weight loss efforts. Drinking yogurt will help you fight off hunger pangs because of its carbohydrate and protein combination.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds contain a lot of fiber that helps lose weight by slowing gastric emptying to enhance nutrient absorption. Besides, the fiber and omega three fats will help you keep hunger pangs under control. Flax seed supplements can be sprinkled on salads, soups or food before eating.


Oats promote weight loss by boosting your metabolism and also burning fats quickly. The fiber it contains will help you fight hunger all day even if consumed in adequate amounts.


Without any doubt, one of the best foods that will help you lose weight naturally and shed unwanted body fats. Nuts are full of healthy fatty acids that suppress hunger hormones and help burn belly fat. They also contain saturated fats that can help you shed those unwanted pounds within no time without exercise or having a close eye on your calorie intake.


Blueberries are high in fiber which controls hunger pangs for extended periods. They also have antioxidants that help melt away fat.


Broccoli is a veggie that is packed with phytonutrients, proteins and vitamins that help in shedding weight. You can find more than enough fiber in a small amount of broccoli to help you melt away extra body fat.


Watermelon contains powerful antioxidants that make it a potent ingredient to add to your diet to control weight naturally. It contains vitamin C, A, and water.


Apples are healthy foods that are low in calories and high in phytonutrients that aid in weight loss. They also contain fiber and antioxidants that help you shed weight, boost your immune system and maintain good health.


Mushrooms taste just like meat but contain fewer calories. Drinking a cup helps reduce weight by burning fats in the body.

You can make your weight loss trip a lot smoother and achieve your goals by watching what you eat. Include these superfoods in your diet to lose weight naturally and your campaign will be a more delightful experience.

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